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The Purpose of the Law (part 1)

This entry is part 4 of 8 in the series The Law and The Believer

The Purpose of The Law

In order to come to terms with the role Law of Moses in the lives of New Testament believers, the New Testament itself must be the beginning of knowledge.  We call ourselves “New Testament Christians” because of the very fact that the New Testament, or the New “covenant,” fulfilled much of what had been formerly introduced, prophesied or practiced and established itself as the next step in God’s progressive revelation to man.  While some New Testament believers proclaim the necessity to continue to obey parts of the law, such claims – to a New Testament believer – should be established firmly in the doctrine of the New Testament itself, as the New Testament is a new chapter of understanding and spiritual insight.  To obey the law on the grounds of the Old Testament, while ignoring New Testament teachings on the subject is not to be Christian at all, but to be Jewish. Continue reading

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