Interpreting the Bible (Pt 11) – Double Reference (Pt. 2)

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Continuing from last week’s introduction to the interpretive law of dual (or double) reference, this week’s lesson will focus in on the “gap” variety of dual reference; in which one prophecy is fulfilled in part from two different historical events which are separated by a gap of time.  As such, there is frequently a presumed fulfillment of a prophecy, yet the fulfillment does not completely meet the criteria of the original prophetic word.  As such, this presumed fulfillment is not complete, but partial, and will be later completed by further events.

Numerous messianic prophecies have unfolded in this manner.  In several cases, one prophetic sentence – or paragraph – depicts both the first and second comings of Christ.  These prophesies have been only partially fulfilled, as the “gap” has not yet passed before his second coming, when Christ will complete the prophetic vision.

Today’s video course is largely an illustration of this principle at work.

Bible Interpretation Pt. 11 from Jeff Kluttz on Vimeo.

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