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The Great Falling Away

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The Great Falling Away

(NOTE:  This is a continuation of the Wolves in Wool Series.  This post assumes the prerequisite reading of earlier posts)

In concluding this series on false doctrines in the church, a return to its beginning is in order; once again examining the scriptures which warn of such coming practices.  In retrospect, the teachings of the Word of Faith and the Emergent movements find themselves fully uncovered in light of numerous scriptures which have rightly predicted their rise in the latter days, their unbiblical basis of “truth” and the true motivations for their practices.

In 2 Thessalonians, the apostle Paul articulates events concerning the future rise of Antichrist and the season of the coming Great Tribulation.  Apparently, some had attempted to delude the church into believing that such events had already begun.  Paul sets the record straight that such cannot be the case until several key events have taken place. Continue reading

The Emerging Ecumenicism: “We’re Ready to Believe You!”

The injection of transcendental meditation, code-named “contemplative prayer,”  into the church creates a dangerous precedent for the future of the body of Christ.  This is a place along the path from which there is no jumping off point.  Contemplative prayer is not a recipe which is encouraged to be joined into the monthly rotation of one’s Christian practice, but rather is to become the new staple for those who have embraced it’s folly.  And, once one adopts an element of pagan practice, full-blown paganism will follow in time.  Just as the characterization of “gateway drugs” is rightly understood to lead one down a slippery slope into a full-fledged drug involvement, so transcendental meditation- with all of its Christian-sounding names- is a pathway to demonism.  If one gets on that path, one will indeed arrive at its final destination. Continue reading

“The Return of the King” book is released.


New, from, is The Return of the King: A Prophetic Timeline of End-time Events.

book image

Available from the author’s store or from

This work is written to a non-technical audience as a time-line study of biblical principles concerning remaining history.  Chapters include pre-tribulational events, the tribulation years, the return of Christ as King, the Millennial Kingdom, the judgments of the dead and the final eternal abodes of all humanity and angelic creatures.  As such, this work is comprehensive in its breadth concerning all future historical events noted in scripture, through the eternal abodes of Heaven and Hell. 

Continue reading

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