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We’re giving away The Spirit World book to readers! 

image The Spirit World is a study of the afterlife in scripture.  Far from simply referring to “Heaven and Hell,” the scripture reveals an assortment of containers which temporarily sort the souls of men and angels prior to the eternal state.  Places such as Sheol, Abaddon, and the Abyss are commonly used interchangeably by well-intended teachers of scripture.  Yet, scripture itself does not use these terms interchangeably at all; for each has a unique characteristic among the others. 

The Spirit World provides a thorough examination of these terms and others, while time lining the course of human and angelic history from creation to the eternal state.  Additionally, The Spirit World will examine the nature of the judgments of the righteous and the wicked, as these actions are the trigger events which relegate men from the temporary to the eternal abodes.

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The Return of the King Study Course: Online Live!

ROTK Expanded:  Streaming Online or Live & Personal

The Return of the King Study Course will be presented at First Baptist Church in Needville by the author and pastor, Jeff Kluttz beginning Sunday, February 14th, 2010, at 6:00 p.m.  The course will also be streamed live each week for those outside the Needville area.


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“The Spirit World” is released by

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Confusion abounds concerning the nature of the unseen spiritual worlds of men an angels. Biblical terms such as Hades, Abaddon, the abyss and others are often considered interchangeable by well-intended students of God’s Word. In some cases, the message of the text is no worse for the wear. In others, flagrant apostasy has developed because of a poorly interpreted text.

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Pre-Tribulation Prophesies: The Re-Establishment of Israel

This category contains excerpts from the author’s book, The Return of the King: A Prophetic Timeline of End-Time Events.  If you find articles in this category interesting, consider purchasing the book to read the entire work!



(an excerpt from Chapter 1: Pre-Tribulational Events)

While Israel is known to the modern world as a viable nation, it was not that many years ago when biblical prophesies concerning a latter-day Israel seemed utterly untenable.  After all, Israel ceased to be a nation in 70 AD and had been abandoned as anything more than an ancient memory.  Yet, through unfathomable circumstances, she re-emerged onto the world stage in 1948 as a sovereign nation; as scripture had prophesied would come to pass.

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“The Return of the King” Now Available on Kindle


The Return of the King: A Prophetic Timeline of End-Time Events is now available for Amazon’s Kindle reader platform.  Identical to the full book, other than some formatting changes, this $5.99 e-book is a study of eschatology (end times) from a premillennial perspective.  Written to a non-technical audience, the ROTK is written with a pastoral approach to educate readers on technical terms used as they appear in the text.

There will shortly also be an Adobe PDF version of the ROTK available, as well as a color-coded Teacher’s Workbook for use in a classroom setting.

The Return of the King Study Course – Now Available

The Return of the King Teacher and Student manuals have been released as teaching aids for The Return of the King book (ISBN: 1441468544) by author Jeff Kluttz of  The Return of the King (ROTK) book is a biblical study of the timeline of eschatology from a premillennial perspective.  It is written to a non-technical audience, with all theological terms explained as they appear in the work.  With the ROTK main book as a source material, teachers are now able to use the workbook series to lead a classroom presentation of the material.  Continue reading

“The Return of the King” book is released.


New, from, is The Return of the King: A Prophetic Timeline of End-time Events.

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Available from the author’s store or from

This work is written to a non-technical audience as a time-line study of biblical principles concerning remaining history.  Chapters include pre-tribulational events, the tribulation years, the return of Christ as King, the Millennial Kingdom, the judgments of the dead and the final eternal abodes of all humanity and angelic creatures.  As such, this work is comprehensive in its breadth concerning all future historical events noted in scripture, through the eternal abodes of Heaven and Hell. 

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