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Jeff Kluttz is the pastor of First Baptist Church in Needville, Texas.  He is a biblicist, believing that the Bible is a primarily literal document, is to be interpreted via usual and common linguistic methods, is inspired directly of God and contains all essential truths necessary for man to know God and make him known.  To that end, the goal of this site is to expound scripture rather than personal opinion.  While there may be opinion pieces on the site from time to time, the bulk of this site is oriented as a doctrinal study venue.

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  • Thank you! I read “The Spirit World” and it cleared up a little fuzz for me. There is so much to study it helps to find someone who knows how to do it right. I also bought it in paperback for a sister that should know better, whom I taught how to study the Bible, but I here is listening to those who claim our Lord went to Hell in or place. I know she will understand you completely and help others to understand the truth. Even people that know how to study and have the tools get lazy. Thank you again and may our God bless your ministry. Look forward to meeting you soon!

  • Have read THE RETURN OF THE KING twice, it was fantastic to have someone who understands Revelations so much better than I do and explain it in plain, everyday language. I was really impressed with the final chapter. It was written so well and said exactly what I wanted to relate to my grown children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I made copies of that final chapter and have given those copies to my family as Christmas presents. Thank you very much.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Andy. I’m pleased and honored that God has used the materials for others – especially your family! God bless as you continue to relate his grace to them.

  • Dear Jeff Kluttz


    I am preparing to publish the abovementioned book in 2020 and I am requesting copyright permission to your material below:

    Apostasy!: The Word-Faith Doctrinal Deception By Jeff Kluttz pp. 185-186 CreateSpace:
    Whereas the term “poor” in Luke 4:18 is spiritual and refers to those in need of the Good News, it is not surprising that prosperity preacher Rod Parsley chose to interpret the text with the Word of Faith eisegesis: “For you to sit in physical bondage is to deny the power of the gospel. Most people would have no trouble shouting whatsoever if I said, ‘To remain in the bondage of sin and death is to deny the power of the gospel.’ If I said the same thing about poverty and financial bondage, it would get as quiet as a tomb. If I said that for you to live from paycheck to paycheck is to deny the power of the gospel, many of you would get angry. In Luke 4:18, notice there was an anointing to preach good news to the poor. A lot of people don’t like to look at that because good news to a poor man is that he doesn’t have to be poor anymore. We have multitudes saved, delivered and filled with the Holy Ghost, and many are healed, yet over 90% of the church of Jesus Christ are living in absolute financial bondage. All the while, Jesus is saying, ‘I’ve been anointed to preach the good news to the poor.’ You have held back the flow. You have denied the perpetual propulsion of power that could deliver you from not only sin and sickness but from the horrible stench of poverty.”

    I am contacting you to request the non-exclusive rights to reproduce the above material in the specified work, for the life of the work, in any form or medium (including electronic), whether now known or hereafter developed, in all languages, for distribution throughout the world. Full credit will be given to the original source, using the standard wording.

    If permission is granted, if need be, please provide any additional details of the terms and conditions of use that I will need to take into consideration when reproducing the material (In the case where you decide not to grant this permission, I would be grateful if you could specify your reasons for doing so).

    If you need any further information to help process this request, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours sincerely

    Sylvester Tonderai Faravadya
    Soli Deo Gloria!

    • Thanks, Sylvester, for interest in quoting me in your work. However, permission is not necessary to quote another author provided you cite your source, as I did in the quote you are mentioning.

      Best of luck on your book!

  • Actually, I owe you an apology. I should have asked your permission before printing and distributing the final chapter. From your response I believe you did not find fault in it.
    Throughout the year I do intend to give the paperback version of THE RETURN OF THE KING to members of my family.
    Once again, thank you for writing such a knowledgeable, educational and spiritual book.

    • No worries, Andy. From your description – you’re using that chapter for its intended existence! I would only complain if you were repacking and/or profiteering. The idea that a gospel chapter can be shared seems not only ok – but fundamentally appropriate. God bless.

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