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Loving Those We Dislike »

[Originally published in The Fort Bend Herald]  One of the most difficult concepts of Christianity involves a series of commands that relegate us to love pretty much everyone, everywhere and in every situation.  While the sentiment of that seems truly noble and altruistic, many find themselves in a very difficult crisis of faith for the […]

Right Questions Wrongly Answered »

(Editorial Note:  This article was written prior to Sunday’s shooting in Wisconsin.  Originally published in the Fort Bend Herald, July 29, 2012.  Minor edits have been inserted for this venue and date) While the escalation of mass homicide in recent years is truly disturbing, perhaps equally ominous is our nation’s continued denial concerning the origination […]

Fighting ‘Bigotry’ with Bigotry »

The American system of public discourse and representative government is not hard to grasp.  We are “the melting pot” where people from every race, creed and background are welcomed to bring their best to the table.  Governing that table are representatives duly elected to uphold the will of the collective population from within the framework […]

The Truth about RFID Implantation in the New Healthcare Bill »

One of the hardest things about being a premillennialist is being inevitably associated with other premillennialists.   Among the many qualified, biblically sound and sane Biblicists out there also exist a panicky, superstitious and downright dishonest fringe (ok… it may be a pretty wide “fringe”) which will stop at nothing to “prove” their postulates; even if […]

Obama? Nobel Prize? Peace? »

I have to admit that the last piece of news I expected to wake up to this morning was that Obama would be receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009.  This shock has nothing to do with my personal feelings for Obama, but rather with my obviously incorrect assumptions that the prize was actually somewhat […]