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The Posture of Prayer

We’ve all had that friend who is never heard of lest there be a need we may somehow support.  As surely as the phone rings and the caller ID has identified the suspect, we know in fact that they need something; otherwise they would not be calling.  Perhaps nothing is more offensive to a relationship […]

Loving Those We Dislike

[Originally published in The Fort Bend Herald]  One of the most difficult concepts of Christianity involves a series of commands that relegate us to love pretty much everyone, everywhere and in every situation.  While the sentiment of that seems truly noble and altruistic, many find themselves in a very difficult crisis of faith for the […]

The Right Decision

[Originally published in The Fort Bend Herald]  Perhaps the most common question a pastor is asked counsel on is simply, “what should I do?”  Many decisions that life throws at us are difficult.  Options have widely varying potential outcomes.  How can one know what the results of a decision will be? While this is a […]

Jonah’s Misdirected Message

[Originally published in The Fort Bend Herald]  Perhaps no Old Testament narrative receives quite the beating Jonah does by those who are unable to accept its account.  It is, after all, the story of a great miracle.  Strangely enough, most of those who reject it as truth are denying the wrong miracle altogether, as Jonah’s […]

Hidden Treasure

[Originally published in Fort Bend Herald]  It seems we all have pursuits in our lives which honestly are of no measurable eternal consequence.  Simply put, we collect things that we perceive to enrich our lives in some tangible way, but that will most certainly be left behind for others to fight over when we depart […]

What Kind of God?

[original article published in Fort Bend Herald, Sunday, February 24, 2013] An age old question has found new life in recent debate concerning the seeming incongruity of an all-loving, all-powerful God being willing to bring the harshest of judgments upon his creation.  To be exact, the debate is generally kick started by some rendition of […]

Quick to Listen – Slow to Tweet

Relationships once developed slowly via personal encounter.  Every chance meeting and handshake provided another casual conversation that gradually vetted the acceptable parameters of agreement on issues important to the two parties of a budding friendship.  To the degree that two people found familiarity and commonality a friendship developed.  Contrarily, when dissonance in virtue and ideology […]

Are You Good Enough?

For as long as I can remember there has been a silent cultural message that “if you’re good enough” God will accept you as his own and secure you a permanent place at his side in eternity.  From Country and Western songs to Hallmark movie nights we are captured by the idea of a person […]

Right Questions Wrongly Answered

(Editorial Note:  This article was written prior to Sunday’s shooting in Wisconsin.  Originally published in the Fort Bend Herald, July 29, 2012.  Minor edits have been inserted for this venue and date) While the escalation of mass homicide in recent years is truly disturbing, perhaps equally ominous is our nation’s continued denial concerning the origination […]

Fighting ‘Bigotry’ with Bigotry

The American system of public discourse and representative government is not hard to grasp.  We are “the melting pot” where people from every race, creed and background are welcomed to bring their best to the table.  Governing that table are representatives duly elected to uphold the will of the collective population from within the framework […]

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