Return of the King E-Book Now Available ($4.99!)

The author’s book, The Return of the King, is now available as a PDF e-book download directly from  For those who prefer a searchable book option, the e-book has all of the search features of any other fully functional Adobe PDF document.  Furthermore, the e-book is one-third the price of a hard copy, at a mere $4.99.

The Return of The King (ROTK) is a detailed timeline of end-time events as prophesied in the Bible.  Unlike some works of this nature, ROTK is written to a non-technical audience, providing full definitions of all theological terms used in the book.  It is written by a minister of over 20 years who is accustomed to breaking complicated theological content down for its simplest digestion.  ROTK is written from a premillennial perspective, which understands scripture to be literal in nature, and prophecy to be interpreted via normal and customary interpretational methods rather than being relegated to symbolic in its nature.  ROTK is also written in conjunction with the ROTK Teacher’s and Student’s editions which can be obtained for teaching the biblical study of eschatology (end time events) in a classroom setting. 

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