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We’re giving away The Spirit World book to readers! 

image The Spirit World is a study of the afterlife in scripture.  Far from simply referring to “Heaven and Hell,” the scripture reveals an assortment of containers which temporarily sort the souls of men and angels prior to the eternal state.  Places such as Sheol, Abaddon, and the Abyss are commonly used interchangeably by well-intended teachers of scripture.  Yet, scripture itself does not use these terms interchangeably at all; for each has a unique characteristic among the others. 

The Spirit World provides a thorough examination of these terms and others, while time lining the course of human and angelic history from creation to the eternal state.  Additionally, The Spirit World will examine the nature of the judgments of the righteous and the wicked, as these actions are the trigger events which relegate men from the temporary to the eternal abodes.

Throughout the next number of months, portions of The Spirit World will be released online weekly at the blog.  The first issue, the Introduction, is just moments away from publishing.  To keep up with your read of The Spirit World, simply follow the series link on the front page, or better yet, subscribe to and receive updates on all posts.

The Spirit World will be released in small portions until the entire book is freely available at  Of course, if you get interested and can’t wait for the series to complete, you can always purchase your hard copy at any time.

Coincidentally, if you have read’s series entitled Spiritual Realms, you have read the notes from which The Spirit World was written.  To that end, the Spiritual Realms series will be removed from the site in conjunction with the release of The Spirit World. 

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