“The Resurrections and Judgments” Vlog Series Now Available

For twenty weeks ReturningKing.com has been releasing the author’s The Spirit World book one chapter at a time.  Very soon this book will be complete in its online free distribution.  The Spirit World systematically traces the abodes of the departed spirits of men and angels throughout scripture.  It examines the nature of Sheol/Hades, the Abyss, the Lake of Fire and numerous other spiritual “containers” which are referenced and described in scripture. 

The second half of the spirit world is concerned with the transference of people from one spiritual abode to another.  In short, it is primarily concerned with the resurrections and the judgments of all mankind as detailed in scripture.

The author recently completed a sermon series at his home church entitled The Resurrections and Judgments which is an oral presentation of the same general material as the second half of The Spirit World.

That series has since been uploaded (unedited) and is now available as a vlog series on our Video Courses page where this video teaching series and others are being regularly added to ReturningKing.com as a extension of our teaching ministries. 

The scripture teaches a fascinating journey, separate for the believer and the unbeliever, involving a very methodical and procedural resurrection and judgment for every human being throughout history.  The scriptures teach that all who have ever lived will one day reconstitute and rise from the dead; some to everlasting life, and some to shame and contempt.  The Resurrections and Judgments series details that process in six sermons which are designed to be heard in order.  We hope you will have an opportunity to listen.

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