“The Storefront Saints Show” “Apostasy!” Interview

I was priviledged to have an extensive interview with Pastor David Catoe and Jeff Lege of Fresh Spring Baptist Church in Angleton, Texas concerning my upcoming book, Apostasy! on “The Storefront Saints Show.”

Apostasy!, which will be released soon, is a book concerning the turning from the true faith of the Word of Faith community.  This book is aimed at people who are involved in the Word of Faith, yet know that something is wrong with what they are hearing from such pulpits.  It is my hope that tonight’s interview will give a very brief introduction to the book for those who have been patiently awaiting its release.

Direct Link: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/18633140

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  • Hello Pastor Jeff,

    I just stumbled upon your blog while looking up some info on Rob Bell. I wonder if you have ever heard of Ray Yungen, or read one of his books? I just finished his book, “A Time of Departing.” I think Ray Yungen has done a very good job of doctumenting and explaining spiritually what is happening BOTH in secular society and the church. Reading his books has explained for me why guys Rob Bell are either 1. growing farther and farther from what the Bible teaches or 2. are deliberately indoctrinating Christians with a creeping heresy. Maybe both at once. Yungen doctuments how new spirituality has inflitrated the church with spiritual formation and centering prayer. And how centering prayer IS just another form of Eastern mysticism… which is why it eventually leads practitioners into the spiritual deception of universalism and panentheism.

    Anyway, if you have never read Yungen’s book, I think you would find it interesting.

    In Christ,

    • Thanks for your comments, Karen. Yes, I have read Yungen’s “A Time of Departing” and also his book, “For Many Shall Come in My Name,” also from Lighthouse Trails Publishing. Yungen’s research experience stands out clearly in both of these works as he connects the dots between these teachings and their ultimate sources. You simply cannot separate a man’s teaching from the people he reads, studies, quotes and emulates. Cudos to Yungen for making those connections. I also agree that this is a delibarate work. While I do not think the false prophets always know they are being duped, I believe this is a spiritual work of demons, as the scripture depicts. I have a series on this blog entitled “Wolves in Wool” which deals with two different areas of apostasy: the Word of Faith movement and the liberal Emergent movement. I originally planned on writing a book encompassing both, but have decided to write two books; the first of which is complete and will be released soon. The book to be released soon is entitled, “Apostasy!,” and deals specifically with the WoF doctrines. I will write next year a book that deals with the Emergent heresies, but from the opposite approach. Instead of pointing out their errors, I will write a book on essential doctrines, and illuminate their variance from each one as they have continually strayed from the biblical standard of our faith.

      I’m very glad you’re studying these topics. Too few believers are taking seriously the departure from the historic, biblical framework of doctrinal truth. You are to be commended for searching this out!

      Best wishes-

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