The Rapture (introduction)

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Some students of God’s word are inhibited from believing in the rapture because the term does not appear in scripture.  However, while the term does not appear, one must be careful to use such a litmus test for excluding doctrines which are otherwise taught.  Another term which does not appear in scripture is the term “Trinity.”  And, like a theological understanding of the trinity, one must come to understand the rapture systematically, through a full study of scripture, rather than from any singular scriptural text.  Continue reading

The Rapture (the event)

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The Rapture Event

The timing of the rapture is an issue of such great debate that eschatology is divided into groups over this issue.  Likewise, the very existence of a rapture creates yet another division in eschatology. Continue reading

The Rapture (the process)

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The Process

The process of the rapture is actually well catalogued in scripture as well.  As with all things, here, too, the Lord is a God of great order and well placed step. Continue reading

The Rapture (the glorification)

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Our Transformation

The next fascinating element of observation during the rapture event is a transformation which will occur to all who are taken to be with Christ.  Just as humanity is given a body which is appropriate for life on earth, so the inhabitants of Heaven must be granted one which is equipped for life in Heaven. Continue reading

The Rapture (our new natures)

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The Nature of Our Resurrected Bodies


The nature of our raptured bodies is best understood from a text which does not specifically speak of the rapture, but rather, the spiritual body: Continue reading

The Rapture (the timing)

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The Timing of the Rapture

The timing of the rapture is an issue of great debate among students of eschatology.  And, in scripture there are very difficult texts which lend fuel to that debate.  The primary distinction between the pretribulational view of this work and other views is the degree to which one agrees to literally interpret scripture.  Views contrary to the pretribulational view at worst dismiss the literal interpretation of scripture and at best weaken it.  Numerous texts, when taken literally, indicate a church which is not present during the distress of the Great Tribulation. Continue reading

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