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The Return of the King Study Course – Now Available

The Return of the King Teacher and Student manuals have been released as teaching aids for The Return of the King book (ISBN: 1441468544) by author Jeff Kluttz of ReturningKing.com.  The Return of the King (ROTK) book is a biblical study of the timeline of eschatology from a premillennial perspective.  It is written to a non-technical audience, with all theological terms explained as they appear in the work.  With the ROTK main book as a source material, teachers are now able to use the workbook series to lead a classroom presentation of the material.  Continue reading

“The Return of the King” book is released.


New, from ReturningKing.com, is The Return of the King: A Prophetic Timeline of End-time Events.

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Available from the author’s store or from Amazon.com

This work is written to a non-technical audience as a time-line study of biblical principles concerning remaining history.  Chapters include pre-tribulational events, the tribulation years, the return of Christ as King, the Millennial Kingdom, the judgments of the dead and the final eternal abodes of all humanity and angelic creatures.  As such, this work is comprehensive in its breadth concerning all future historical events noted in scripture, through the eternal abodes of Heaven and Hell. 

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Prophecies Indicating a Literal Millennial Kingdom

This article is an edited excerpt from the author’s book, “The Return of The King: A Prophetic Timeline of End-Time Events.”

This short chapter is added for the benefit of some who argue against a Messianic Kingdom.

It is the belief of some groups that the idea of a Millennial Kingdom (or “Messianic Kingdom” – a literal one-thousand year reign of Christ on Earth) is a product of the book of Revelation, only.  This belief, contrary to that of the author, is that the book of Revelation is metaphorical in its content and should not be taken literally.  Continue reading

The Rapture (the timing)

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The Timing of the Rapture

The timing of the rapture is an issue of great debate among students of eschatology.  And, in scripture there are very difficult texts which lend fuel to that debate.  The primary distinction between the pretribulational view of this work and other views is the degree to which one agrees to literally interpret scripture.  Views contrary to the pretribulational view at worst dismiss the literal interpretation of scripture and at best weaken it.  Numerous texts, when taken literally, indicate a church which is not present during the distress of the Great Tribulation. Continue reading

The Rapture (our new natures)

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The Nature of Our Resurrected Bodies


The nature of our raptured bodies is best understood from a text which does not specifically speak of the rapture, but rather, the spiritual body: Continue reading

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