Interpreting the Bible Vlog Course Begins Today

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Today we begin a new Vlog series which will correspond to the weekly teaching series at First Baptist Church Needville on the topic of Biblical Hermeneutics, or the science of interpreting the scriptures.  This course will unfold in three general phases:

The Principles:  The first several weeks will unveil the truths which must be understood and considered when studying and interpreting scripture (such as historical, contextual, linguistic principles and others).

The Process:  The second major section will involve a deeper foray into the application of these principles, including study of several interpretive laws (the law of recurrence, the law of double reference, the golden rule of interpretation & others).

The Practice:  The last section will engage a time of extended application in which we will break apart and study the scriptures together, applying what we have learned (finding the central truth of a paragraph, applying the principles and laws to ensure that the correct meaning, as understood by the original audience, is acquired).

Today’s video is the course overview and introduction.  We invite you to join us weekly for class updates.  As new videos are added, the entire coulse will be posted on the Video Courses page.  While open ended, it is expected that this course will run for 15-20 weeks.

As the course unfolds, you may watch the full series on our Video Courses page.  Today’s session may be watched below.

Course Notes (PDF)

Bible Interpretation – Pt. 01 from Jeff Kluttz on Vimeo.

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