Interpreting the Bible – Part 7 – The Golden Rule of Interpretation

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(This is a continuation of the “Interpreting The Bible“ video blog series.  This post assumes the prerequisite watching of earlier videos in the series.  Click the link above to watch the entire series up to this week’s installment.)

Over the next several weeks we will be examining certain “laws” which govern the norms of interpretive processes.  These laws are rules which do not apply only to the Bible, but almost any work which is to be interpreted.  As such, they are very common-sense-oriented principles which are understood and taken from granted by even school-age children as they read their age-appropriate stories.

Today’s rule is known by many as “The Golden Rule of Interpretation;” stating at it’s core: “if the common sense reading of a text makes sense, seek no other sense.”  How much the false teachers of our Wolves in Wool series could learn from what their children already take for granted!

Bible Interpretation Pt. 07 from Jeff Kluttz on Vimeo.

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