The Antichrist (his role)

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Antichrist’s Role in Satan’s Counterfeit Program

Though it is too rarely focused on in eschatological study, there is a clear teaching in scripture of Satan’s counterfeiting work in his final program.  Through the course of this study this counterfeiting will be identified on several levels.

The name “Antichrist” is not accidental in scripture.  As the name implies, this being will be the antithesis of the person of Jesus Christ, yet will do all he can to emulate what Christ did in his ministry on earth.  Just as Pharaoh’s magicians performed their demonic versions of the miracles of Moses, so Satan will attempt to re-create the person of Jesus Christ in Antichrist.  Antichrist will, in effect, be Satan’s attempt to “do Jesus” better than Jesus did. 

The first step in Satan’s deception is understood from Antichrist’s illegitimate conception.   Through this process, Antichrist will become Satan’s counterfeit “son.”  Just as the true Son, Jesus Christ, had a legitimate virgin birth, so Satan’s program will demand that the false christ have a virgin birth via Satan’s own copulation with a human woman, of Roman descent.

As Satan’s program for the earth unfolds, it will be demonstrated that the counterfeit son, Antichrist, will establish a covenant with Israel, whom rejected the true Christ.  He will establish himself as God in the Temple (the “abomination of desolation”).  He will have a counterfeit death and resurrection.  Satan will also produce a counterfeit Holy Spirit, who will be known as “the False Prophet,” leaving Satan himself as the counterfeit “father” of the unholy trinity of the Great Tribulation on Earth.

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