The Antichrist (about the Antichrist)

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About The Antichrist

The “man of lawlessness” noted in 2 Thessalonians 2, above, bears the name “Antichrist” in First and Second John.  Antichrist is one of the most key players on Earth during the Great Tribulation, playing an important role as an agent of Satan.  And, although Antichrist is a being of satanic origins and purpose, he is also used of God to bring judgment to the Earth and to unfold God’s foretold plans among the nations. Continue reading

The Antichrist (his demonic nature)

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Antichrist’s nature

Another key truth to grasp about Antichrist, in order to understand his role in the tribulation is to note that he is in some way satanic in nature.  In the context of any serious study of eschatology from a pre-millennial perspective, one understands clearly that Antichrist is given a great amount of power.  He will be a master deceiver, yet will have an impressive array of supernatural abilities which will give credibility to his claim to godhood.  It is at this point that the biblical student must come to terms with his nature so as to determine exactly how he is empowered to do the things he will be able to do.  He is either fully demonic, demon possessed, or in some other way receiving a great amount of dark spiritual power.  The question is, “exactly how?”  Being fully demonic is easily ruled out, because Antichrist is noted to be a man in 2 Thessalonians 2:3, being called “the man of lawlessness.”  And, being only a man is also ruled out by a truth which will be observed later in this work, whereby Antichrist will be cast into the Abyss, a place where elsewhere in the entire Bible only demons are ever sentenced to. Continue reading

The Antichrist (his role)

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Antichrist’s Role in Satan’s Counterfeit Program

Though it is too rarely focused on in eschatological study, there is a clear teaching in scripture of Satan’s counterfeiting work in his final program.  Through the course of this study this counterfeiting will be identified on several levels. Continue reading

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