Bible Interpretation Pt. 05 – Contextual/Theological Principles

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(This is a continuation of the “Interpreting The Bible“ video blog series.  This post assumes the prerequisite watching of earlier videos in the series.  Click the link above to watch the entire series up to this week’s installment.)

This week’s vlog post continues the “Interpreting The Bible“ video blog series, picking up where we left off last week, still discussing the contextual principle of interpretation.  This week’s class also goes into the theological principle: establishing that theology itself was a work in progress during biblical history.  As such, Adam’s theology was much less developed than was Paul’s.  Indeed, God’s progressive revelation of himself to man created a scenario where the earlier writers did not have a full picture of theology which was to be heralded as “complete” at a later time.

Bible Interpretation – Pt. 05 – Contextual/Theological Principles from Jeff Kluttz on Vimeo.

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