The Gospel Truth (Vlog): The Wages of Sin

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There is possibly no less popular message in modern culture than that one should expect to actually be held accountable for one’s actions. Teachers, doctors, politicians and most recently, pseudo-theologians are more than willing to create excuses, conditions and ailments to explain away the wrong doing of any and all that come to them for assistance. Among modern liberal theological minds, Jesus’ death on the cross was a universal saving act by which all are saved – regardless of one’s position in Christ – or even one’s belief in Christ. Former (reasonably) “good-guy” Christian teacher Tony Campolo goes so far as to say that Muslims will enter Heaven before Christians, because they “do” the right things; all-the-while not believing in Christ what-so-ever.

The crux of these theological laterals, it seems, stems from an all-out averseness to the doctrines of Hell. Eternal judgment, naturally, is not a crowd-pleaser doctrine.  But what exactly does the scripture teach that the wages of sin are?

This week’s Gospel Truth Vlog Series post seeks to answer that question biblically, with no sensibilities offered for the Oprah-friendly or scriptural deconstructionists.

The Gospel Truth: Pt. 3 – The Wages of Sin from Jeff Kluttz on Vimeo.

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