The Gospel Truth: Pt. 8 – Grace

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Ingrained into the psyche of our culture is an almost unquenchable merit-based gospel.  It seems that everything from good ol’ boy music to water cooler banter have determined that if one is “good enough,” then surely a nod and a kind word can be expected from the Lord at the judgment.  When people on the streets are asked if they expect to enter Heaven when they die, invariably the majority of responses deal with one’s work ethic, kindness to neighbors and general “goodness” which is expected to be taken into account as that decision is reached.

Truth be told, all are guaranteed to get what we have earned when we face the Lord.  Scripture declares that with great specificity.  It declares also however, that our earnings will amount to death and that our best works are as filthy rags.  Indeed, the entire law – without Christ’s fulfilling and gracious act of atonement – points to a singular conclusion for all:  there are none who are righteous.  None who can uphold God’s standard.  None who even desire what is good.  We couldn’t compile the conglomerate “goodness” of all history and afford to send even one of us into God’s presence.

Our predicament is utterly hopeless…

but for grace.

The Gospel Truth: Pt. 8 – Grace from Jeff Kluttz on Vimeo.

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