The Gospel Truth: Pt. 9 – Faith

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Understanding that Grace is the essential foundation upon which salvation is granted still leaves one to ponder the process by which such grace is applied to the sinner’s account.  Ephesians, as noted in last week’s installment, states that this “salvation by grace” is installed “through faith.”

Sadly, pondering that conclusion will profoundly confuse many who live in the “new ecumenicism” of our modern culture, which defines “faith” as everything from God’s magic potion to man’s deeper intuition, depending on whether one gets their theology from “christian” (small C intended) television or modern liberal Jesus fad-books which teach a newer, milder variant of salvation in which one is truly not redeemed at all (for there is no true penalty for sins).  Which of these “faith” definitions should one pursue to understand the gospel’s path of application? 

Simply stated, theological truth is not democratically produced nor deconstructed in focus group meetings.  The Bible’s own definition of faith is that which counts.  Such will be the focus of today’s continued examination of The Gospel Truth.

The Gospel Truth: Pt. 9 – Faith from Jeff Kluttz on Vimeo.

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