The Gospel Truth 12: The Process of Salvation

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Many theological debates concerning the nature of salvation can actually be solved by a simple acknowledgement that the scriptures depict “salvation” as more than a singular moment in time.  In fact, the scriptures teach salvation as something which is (or can be) past tense, present ongoing tense and yet future tense – all-the-while affirming earlier tenses.

How can such be?  Simply put, salvation is presented in scripture as three related but distinct transformational progressions:

  • Justification is the salvation from the penalty of sin; the act of the imputation of the righteousness of Christ into the account of the sinner.  This is what many would refer to as “the moment of” salvation.
  • Sanctification is an ongoing work of redemption which renders the sinner (on an expanding basis) free from the power of sin.  This  “continuing work” of salvation in the earthly realm is generally known as “discipleship,” or the process of being transformed into the likeness of Christ.
  • Glorification is the final work of redemption which propels the sinner into an eternally glorified (physical and spiritual) state which is free from the presence of sin forever.  This is best understood as “the finished work” of salvation; the full restoration of body and soul, preserved eternally in an incorruptible state.

While the term “salvation” applies to each of these realities, the understanding of a procedural salvation – in terms of its unfolding fruition in the life of the sinner – helps to explain many heartily argued  points of contention in soteriology.

Today’s video blog examines the process of salvation through these three distinct but related transformations and explains how one may be considered “saved” today, “being saved” today and yet “to be saved” fully at a later time.

The Gospel Truth: Pt. 12 – The Process of Salvation from Jeff Kluttz on Vimeo.

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